Re: Re: RARA-AVIS: Chandler- Library of America

Date: 19 Jul 2000 wrote:
> Fair enough.

> One last thought, though, before this horse is thoroughly beat:
> I'm highly skeptical that any younger readers will be exposed to
> Chandler, Hammett et. al. by purchasing a $35 volume. Too
> expensive, and nothing hip or dangerous about the books, at least
> when in comes in the LOA packaging. Besides, they're all too busy
> downloading music for free through Napster!

They may not buy it, but they might get exposed to it by taking it out from a library--and, let me tell you, libraries are far more eager to buy a LOA version of Chandler (or Hammett or ES Gardner or whoever) than they are to buy paperback or trade paperback versions of same.


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