Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Crais' Women

Date: 17 Jul 2000

    I'm not certain Susan S. should serve as a character depth standard to be sought after, but as loudly as I've groaned over the way in which Parker has become a parady of his early work, I believe he is soooooooooo much better at using dialogue to reveal character than is Crais, that early on he made Spenser, Hawke, and Susan more interesting and textured personalities than any Crais's has produced.
    However, I must say once again, I haven't read LA Req. or Dem. Angel. In first person narratives, either the ancillary characters display themselves through their words or they usually remain stick figures, and I don't believe Crais has shown the ability to work that bit of magic.

                                        Jim Blue

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