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Date: 15 Jul 2000

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<< I'm not sure where you're going with this. Does this mean you're implying Dolan isn't credible because she sounds like a man? Because she's a woman who's tough, tenacious and defiant? Or because she drinks too much sometimes, and acts like an asshole? >>

I have to go with Kevin here, though I usually do. I think Kevin more often than not is the voice of common sense, intensely wrought.

My whole life would disappear if I couldn't occasionally be tough, tenacious and defiant, occasionally drink too much and act the asshole from time to time. And I don't consider my tendency to be female a secondary traint. It's rather primary to me.

Obviously, I make sport. But I do think Crais does his women better than some here give him credit for. But that's a woman's opinion, so who cares?

Jean Heller

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