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Date: 12 Jul 2000

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Both Crumley and Jackson came through the University of Iowa Writers Workshop at the time Carver was teaching there. Jackson profiles Carver in his brief memoir, RIDIN' WITH RAY -- and it's not a very pretty profile. I believe that it is in the interview in WHORES/MUDDY FORK
(depending on which edition you have) that Crumley acknowledges a Carver influence. I, too, have heard that "K.C. Constantine" is an Iowa alumnus, and I may have posted a question here some time ago asking if it was so. I don't know. "Constantine" didn't mention anything about Iowa during his CBS Sunday Morning interview. If he did go there, it probably would have been at about the same time that Crumley and Jackson were there. Crumley's stated (I think in the same interview) that he thinks
"Constantine" is the best crime writer around. I'll see what I can find out.

Just curious: I've never been a big Carver fan, but then again I've never particularly disliked him either. I've been a little surprised at the anti-Carver backlash I've seen in this discussion group. Are anti-Carver sentiments pretty widespread these days?


Nathalie Mege <> on 07/11/2000 06:56:40 PM

Kip wrote:

> And a follow up question to those two. Both Jon L. Jackson and James
> Crumley were under Raymond Carver's tutelage in some form or another
> during their early writing lives

How interesting. Any precisions? What kind of tutelage in each case?


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