From: James Rogers ( jetan@ionet.net)
Date: 11 Jul 2000

At 12:18 PM 7/11/00 -0700, Dick Lochte wrote:
 Is Raymond Carver (to use an arguable case)
>hardboiled? Or: Is Raymond Carver worth reading?

   I would say No and No. But I realize what you mean. Carver is an adept imitator of the Hemingway deadpan style and this sometimes gives his stories a tough vibe that they really don't earn. A few years ago there was a bit of a scandal when a journalist advanced the thesis that Carver's books were effectively ghost-written by his editor.....over RC's objections. Very pitiful story and I hope it's not true. Carver himself always gave the credit for his writing skills to John Gardner....not that one, the other one.
   Of the literati, I place William Kennedy as the closest to HB - in
_Billy Phelan's Greatest Game_.


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