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From: James Rogers (
Date: 11 Jul 2000

At 10:42 AM 7/11/00 +0300, Juri Nummelin wrote:

>Where does this idea of Henry being the good Kane come from? I just
>can't figure it out. Henry Kane is overwritten, sloppy and
>boring. Sometimes funny, sometimes parodical in the Prather vein, but
>never good. Frank, on the other hand, is hardboiled, saves the
>wisecracking and sometimes tells a good story. Well, some of the later
>Franks are pretty tired, but the early ones are quite readable.

       I dig Frank as well. One of the A list hacks, in my opinion.
       It's funny how some guys make the cognoscenti short list and other don't. For instance, Lester Dent is known to all as a Black Mask alumnus even though he only wrote (I believe) two stories for that mag....fine stories, but not particularly distinguished. I don't think he even wrote that many HB stories for any magazine. Who would have picked Norbert Davis or Hugh Cave as pulp icons? Not putting any of these guys down, but they didn't have any skills that, say, Paul Ernst or Ron Hubbard didn't have more of.
       Speaking of Hubbard, the pulpsters on the list are all aware of his SF, western, and adventure stories but did he try the detective bag? His word output would seem to make it likely but I have never seen any of them unless they were pseudononymous>



James Michael Rogers

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