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From: kip.stratton@ni.com
Date: 11 Jul 2000

How about Geoffrey Norman's novels? I especially liked his first one, MIDNIGHT WATER, but I thought the Morgan Hunt series was pretty good, especially the first one, SWEETWATER RANCH. I still see Norman's writing turn up in magazines like MEN'S JOURNAL, but I guess he's killed off the Hunt series. It's been a long time since the last one.

I thought the first couple of titles in Richard Hill's Randall Gatsby Sierra series were pretty good too (WHAT ROUGH BEAST and SHOOT THE PIPER). By the way, I understand Hill died last year at a pretty young age, desperately trying to find a publisher to pick up the Sierra series. I don't know many details.

Both Norman's and Hill's books are a little heavy on the testosterone, but I think both writers are pretty good at capturing a sense of place. Hill tended to range a bit in the Sierra series, but as I recall they were at their best when he was writing about Florida.


I'm off soon to the Deep South (mainly Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana).
  Can anybody recommend any good HB reading? I've read McDonald, Willeford, Hiassen and Burke.

-Stephen Holden-
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