Re: RARA-AVIS: Euro Crime Series

From: Anders Engwall (
Date: 11 Jul 2000

> There's been some discussion of European's crime fiction recently, which
> I don't plan to enter, except to support the excellence of their police
> procedurals--an excellent way to "learn the culture," IMHO.
> In that line, I've just had an opportunity to watch several episodes
> of the Martin Beck series, adapted for Swedish television, and would
> recommend them to any of you who can locate them.

Make sure that you get the ones made in the early '90s with G Ekman as Beck. These were adaptions of the novels, and yes, quite enjoyable. However, in the late '90s there were a series of made-for-video films starring Peter Haber that merely use the characters from the novels, and the one I've seen was pretty much awful.

And for the real S&W deal, try to locate the 1976 movie by Bo Widerberg, probably titled "The Man on the Roof" or something similar.

> Very nice counterpoint
> of police team relationships against the search for a killer. A
> hardboiled
> realism and sadness that few American series have attained.

> Also heard of a German television series called "Scene of the Crime."
> Anyone seen any of those episodes?

Hmm, should be the one originally titled "Tatort". Don't remember much about it.

Another one that comes to mind is a handful of Finnish TV adaptions of some of Matti Joensuu novels. Juri, do you know anything about these? It was ages ago I saw them, but as I recall they were pretty good.

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