RARA-AVIS: A Different John Wooley (Re: Hardboiled?)

From: kip.stratton@ni.com
Date: 10 Jul 2000

No, it is a different John Wooley. The John Wooley in question here is a writer for the TULSA WORLD and a long-time fan and expert on hard-boiled writing and pulp culture in general. And a hell of a good guy. He and I went to college together a long time ago, and it was he who opened a lot of doors for me when he gave me a paperback of FAREWELL, MY LOVELY with the simple instructions: Read it. John's collaborated with Ron Wolfe on a couple of pretty interesting neo-pulp sorts of novels. Here's an interview with him at amazon.com.



Kevin Burton Smith < kvnsmith@colba.net> on 07/10/2000 09:32:37 AM

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Lonestar Bill sent in John Wooley's take on the term "hard-boiled"
(who, it turns out, isn't the same Fr. John Wooley who sometimes shows up here)

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