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From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 10 Jul 2000

As you probably are aware of, the Martin Beck TV series you mention is based on the books by Maj Sjl and Per Wahl They are two writers who formed the duo of authors of the Martin Beck novels, a series originally issued in Swedish.

I will add that most of these books are really interesting readings, and they often carry a rather depressing ambiance and a very good rendering of the loneliness of the central character. It's a kind of naturalistic study of a police detective's life, that IMO is more bearable than the artificial "normal" life some modern HB writers tend to glue onto their central PI characters as if they were annoyed by the fictional side of these!... and miss the train.
(refer to Spenser/ Parker, and even Scudder/Block recently.. et al)

As far as I remember most of the works of S & W were translated into English.

However I do not know about the quality of the other TV series you mention.

E.Borgers Hard-Boiled Mysteries

--- wrote:
> There's been some discussion of European's crime
> fiction recently, which
> I don't plan to enter, except to support the
> excellence of their police
> procedurals--an excellent way to "learn the
> culture," IMHO.
> In that line, I've just had an opportunity to watch
> several episodes
> of the Martin Beck series, adapted for Swedish
> television, and would
> recommend them to any of you who can locate them.
> Very nice counterpoint
> of police team relationships against the search for
> a killer. A hardboiled
> realism and sadness that few American series have
> attained.
> Also heard of a German television series called
> "Scene of the Crime."
> Anyone seen any of those episodes?

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