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From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 08 Jul 2000

I think I agree with the notion that hb is a distinctively American form, and that the wellspring of the genre will always be found here. But I would like to at least have the opportunity to sample other countries' take on the form -- out of curiousity, if nothing else. And it annoys me that I won't be able to unless/until I teach myself to read French, Spanish, or whatever.

I'm sure these translations would never be big sellers in the States -- but surely I can't be the only person interested in this idea? Again, I think this would be the perfect project for a University Press.

In some ways, hb is like rock music. Both are distinctively American forms, but other countries/cultures have had their crack at it. These foreign bands are often damn unusual and certainly not for the mass American taste (France's Magma, Germany's Neu and Faust, Italy's PFM, etc.) but that doesn't mean they aren't worth a listen -- especially if you're an enthusiast for the genre. I suspect the same thing would hold true for foreign crime fiction.

Just my final musings on the subject, doug

===== Doug Bassett

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