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Date: 06 Jul 2000

Comes under that old saying ... if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything. Since she's not being paid to review anything and it's just a hobby of hers there is no obligation for her to post negative reviews. Now if The Washington Post's Book World was doing the same thing then somethings wrong. But lying by omission? Please. I think some are pushing their rights to bitch a bit too far in this matter. If you don't like her reviews don't read them. Personally I have more problem with someone who reads a book in the morning and a book in the evening actually having read someone adequately to give me any info, but that's my problem not theirs.

Anthony Dauer

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I hadn't known who Klausner was either. Thanks for posting the article.
Now how does this help?
"What's scary about doing this is the power the reader bestows on you," says Klausner, 48. "I never forget the responsibility I have to the readers. I have to be honest. If I don't like a book in the first 50 pages, I won't review it.""
Now I know I'm making way too big a deal about this one person, but it raised an interesting question: Isn't omitting that she disliked some books "a lie"? How helpful, or trustworthy, is someone who likes everything?
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