RARA-AVIS: Postman Knocking Twice

From: Paul Duncan ( Paul.Duncan@asml.nl)
Date: 06 Jul 2000

If I remember correctly from the Hoopes biography of Cain: The book was written. Cain did not have a proper title to the book and at the last minute, he heard somebody say 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' and knew that that was the title of the book. It was never explained anywhere in the book. My feeling is that it means that, the postman always makes sure that the letter is delivered, in the same way that 'fate' made sure that the lovers get their comeuppance. This is, obviously, a reference to the car crashes: the first is manufactured by the lovers and they get away with murder; the second is an accident but 'our hero' is executed for murder.

- pdunk (who makes everything up as he goes along, hoping that nobody will catch him out)

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