Re: RARA-AVIS: Russian Noir and EuroHB(was: Russian Killers)

From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 06 Jul 2000

To try to complete what was suggested about the possible existence of a Russian HB/Noir lit, there are definitely many present Russian writers producing crime novels, some fitting into the category.

I must admit I didn't read any yet, but seeing the eclosion of French translations appearing these recent years and seeing where they are published, Noir must be a shade of some Russian modern productions. Apparently there are many novels dealing with police procedures as well. A couple of names (without really looking for info): Arkadi and Gueorgui Vainer (Noir) Alexandra Marinina and her character Anastasia Kamenskaia who is a police detective(procedurals- more mainstream)

I'm surprised to read that Juri could not find easily information about Russian writers, as Finland had a long lasting relationship with USSR after WW2.

Further, I do not want to fuel a dead-end debate about the impossibility for Europeans to write HB, as the example given with Rankin is borderline pathetic. However good writer he is, Rankin in on the far edge of HB/Noir, and by no way part of it - and he is *not* emblematic of modern HB European productions.

We already discussed here previously the poor representation of foreign HB/Noir lit in the USA and what the American public is missing as a consequence.


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