Re: RARA-AVIS: The Russian Killers

From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 05 Jul 2000

Mark Sullivan wrote:

> So this got me thinking that there must be Russian crime writers who
> write about their society from the inside. I'd really be interested in
> reading some. It seems that cultures in flux offer a particularly good
> setting for crime fiction as many people scurry about, trying to
> capitalize upon shortages, get hard currency, etc.

I believe that in Russia they aren't used or accustomed to really thinking or reflecting upon their society. Earlier, in the Soviet time, everything was supposed to be good and ready and there was no use for consideration about these matters. Now, when the society is in flux, nobody knows how to react. Or if they do, they just don't write crime fiction. The paperback books I mentioned having seen seemed to me that there's a massive need to be tough, macho, violent, corrupt, stupid, male chauvinist, sexist, everything that was
"illegal" under the Soviet regime. Those who don't think this is necessary want to keep out of crime fiction.

I know there is a guy here in Finland who knows new Russian crime literature. If I can get a hold of him, I can ask a few questions and send some stuff here on Rara-avis.


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