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There not getting translated ... I didn't save the URL, but when I was researching links for my web site I found the web site of a Russian crime writer. She looked to be fairly well established in Russia. Jose Latour who has just recently entered the English speaking scene is an established crime writer in Spanish as well. A lot is lost in translation beyond just meanings. What we need are some of those really serious writer wannabes who learn Russian as their MFA requirement and translate some of that crime fiction for us.

volente Deo,

Anthony Dauer Alexandria, Virginia

"... down these mean streets a man must go
 who is not himself mean, who is neither
 tarnished or afraid."

            --Raymond Chandler (1888-1959)

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> From: Mario Taboada
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> It's well that the Captain has a strict "roscoes at the hatcheck"
> policy, else
> I would have drawn already, or calles my big brother, or something. To me,
> there's no greater artist of pure cinema than the late Tarkovsky,
> and Andrei
> Rublev and The Mirror are his greatest works.
> To keep this on topic, what about modern Russian hardboiled and noir
> literature? There's the right environment, lots of stuff
> happening, a great
> tradition of dark literature. Yet I haven't come across a single
> Russian novel
> on the topic. Are they just not being translated?

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