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From: Hugh Lessig (
Date: 01 Jul 2000

>Subject: RE: Re: RARA-AVIS: re: Pelecanos quote
>Date: Thu, Jun 29, 2000, 9:44 AM

> I reading GP nonstop these days, after discovering the Big Blowdown.

 And he "knows" D.C. places, and local culture references--especially
> the music. Even though I grew up in the burbs and get special lifts from his
> references, I think he builds the sense of "neighborhood" wonderfully--for
> anyone.
I'm still relatively new to this group in particular and HB in general. I'm interested in reading other HB writers who have strong regional flavor in their stories -- especially writers whose stories are based in the here and now (not SF of the 30s and 40s or Ellroy's LA of the 50s.) Who else besides Pelecanos identifies closely with a city or a region?

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