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Date: 04 Jul 2000

I don't know if its in the book not having read it yet, but its in either the movie "Apocalypse Now" or a parody of the movie that I've seen ... I know it from hearing Marlon Brando saying it or an impersonator saying it with his vocal inflections.

volente Deo,

Anthony Dauer Alexandria, Virginia

"... down these mean streets a man must go
 who is not himself mean, who is neither
 tarnished or afraid."

            --Raymond Chandler (1888-1959)

Banned by the Washington Post ...

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> From: Martha Fischer
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> i wonder-- juri, did you read HEART OF DARKNESS in translation?
> it would be
> so interesting (though i suppose not surprising) if this phrase
> that's part
> of the american national consciousness was translated differently
> abroad...

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