RARA-AVIS: Re: The Big Blowdown

From: southpaw@altavista.net
Date: 30 Jun 2000

> He and arriet Klausner are the true gods of crime fiction criticism.

Klausner! Aargh! Who is this maniac Harriet Klausner? She reminds one of those movie quote whores who invariably give positive and shallow reviews to absolutely everything they review. I found her so annoying that I came to dread seeing her posts (and then even seeing her name) in rec.mystery. And now she's despoiling amazon.com, spending untold hours doing cut-and-pastes of all her books reviews there -- for posterity? To boost her ego?

If I once was uncertain about the quality of citizen-reviews at amazon.com (and sites like epinions.com), those doubts are now gone; those reviews simply cannot be trusted.

(I should have retitled the Subject header as 'The Big Blowhard.')

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