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From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 30 Jun 2000

Hugh Lessig:

<<I'm still relatively new to HB and trying to learn more. Who else besides Pelecanos is known for having a strong regional flavor to their stories? I'm particularly interested in stories based in the here and now, not SF of the 30s and 40s or Ellroy's LA of the 50s. Nothing wrong with them, but I'd like to find the best HB writers who do the best job of identifying with a city or a part of the country ....>>

Well, there's the LA guys: Walter Mosley, James Ellroy, Ross Thomas (deceased), all with a very strong local flavor. I'm not sure that Ellroy is currently writing about LA, though. I heard something about a Wisconsin novel.

There's K.C. Constantine with his small city of Rocksburg, Pennsylvania (in reality, Greensburg, where he lives). His work is not always hardboiled, but his last few books have definitely escalated the toughness. His _Brushback_ reminded me strongly of the late George V. Higgins (Boston).

There's James Lee Burke (New Orleans and environs), extremely strong local flavor.

And Lawrence Block has New York City down pat, block for block.

These are just a few well-known writers. There are lots more.



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