From: Etienne Borgers ( freeweb@rocketmail.com)
Date: 30 Jun 2000

Hi Robert, Welcome to the list. It's a good place for HB fans. Was a little bit too quiet during past weeks, but it will fly again...

By the way, you could be interested by my Web site:

HARD-BOILED MYSTERIES http://www.geocities.com/Athens/6384

about all things HB and noir, but essentially lit and cinema. Anyway, there is no confusion about the goal of the Web site:
"We don't care if the butler did it!!"

Hope you will find there some topics matching your own area of interest.



--- Robert Wheadon < rgwheadon@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Just wanted to say hello as a new list member. I'm
> Robert and have loved hard-boiled fiction and the
> mystery genre since I started to read as a mere lad.
> My favorite era is the 1930s to 1950s pulps. Just
> cannot get enough of them. See ya-

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