RE: Re: RARA-AVIS: re: Pelecanos quote

Date: 29 Jun 2000

Dave writes askin about favorite Pelecanos:

>I still have Down by the rive, Big Blowdown, Sweet
> Forever, and Shame the Devil to go....

I reading GP nonstop these days, after discovering the Big Blowdown. What i'm struck by is his ability to get inside different characters in the same novel--a feature of mainstream modernist fiction that is often not found in crime writing, especially series. He obviously knows
"the life"--addiction to chemical or action rushes--from the inside out. And he "knows" D.C. places, and local culture references--especially the music. Even though I grew up in the burbs and get special lifts from his references, I think he builds the sense of "neighborhood" wonderfully--for anyone.

I'm pretty much with you in the order of your favorites, Dave. I would put Down by the River after Blowdown and Forever and after Shoedog too. Shoedog really pushes you through the plot to the blowdown, and stays with you for awhile. I've got a couple more to dig through before I exhaust the local (Falls Church) library's holdings. (And there's a spy story he wrote--it any good?)

Bill Hagen

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