RARA-AVIS: Cain plot

From: Michael Sharp ( msharp@binghamton.edu)
Date: 28 Jun 2000

The playground part is the best. This is far more darkly humorous than most Cain. Would make for a great black comedy, frankly. I mean, if it weren't so tragic and all.


>I believe it is not uncommon for people to "do things they ordinarily
>wouldn't do" because of love or obsession. A few years ago in my
>neighborhood, a guy I knew started an affair with the wife of a doctor who
>treated my kids a few times. The woman and her doctor husband separated
>there was a very bitter custody battle. One evening the doctor answered his
>door and was shot and killed in a professional hit. It happened about a
block from my house. After a lengthy investigation, the police arrested and a court convicted the lover for hiring the hit. He's in jail, the wife got the kids, the hitman was never caught and there's a playground named in honor of the dead doctor.

>How did they convict the lover? A few months after the murder, the wife
>dumped the lover and he became so depressed he decided to kill himself. He
>wrote a suicide note confessing all and then couldn't pull the trigger. But
the idiot didn't destroy the note and one day a son from his previous marriage found it and gave it to the police.

>So can life sometimes resemble a James M. Cain plot? Yes.

>Richard Moore

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