RARA-AVIS: Jason Starr...

From: Ron Clinton ( r-and-jclinton@email.msn.com)
Date: 26 Jun 2000

Jason Starr's name came up a little while back, with a great deal of praise from a few of you. On those recommendations, I picked up both COLD CALLER and NOTHING PERSONAL. I read them back-to-back in two days in sheer delight and awe. This guy is incredible! If even a fraction of those novels that label themselves "noir" or "hardboiled" or "suspense" were half as good as these two novels, I'd be in heaven. I can't recommend these two books more - bleak storylines, vivid characters, staccato pacing...these are the kind of novels readers of hardboiled literature crave. Without question, certainly two of the best novels I've read in recent memory.

A request: can whoever posted Starr's homepage URL please do so again?

Ron Clinton

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