Re: RARA-AVIS: You want hardboiled?

From: Cristoforo (
Date: 21 Jun 2000

> Ferrucio "Ferry" Guccione was a hunk of a man, all seven feet and two
> hundred-sixty pounds of him. He had the kind of pale green eyes that gave
> girls ideas, the swarthy good looks that made the fathers and brothers of
> young girls sit together and eye his neck with interest. They said he had
> measured for a coffin more than once, but he had always broken the lease.
> Ferry liked to skate.

The girls, like most of the men, kept their their heads and their distance. They didn't look at him directly as much as out of the corner of their eye, furtive like. But they watched. He was a glider, silky and fluid. And if a giggly, young thing was bold enough to ask him how he learned to skate like that, he'd reward them with a smile and tell them how he once won the Harvest Moon, and no one could be sure he hadn't. Then he'd buy her an orange soda or maybe even a snow cone. Ferry was a smooth one all right, but Wanda was different. She wasn't giggly and she didn't give a toss about ballroom dancing. She had other things on her mind. "How did you get that scar?"

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