RARA-AVIS: Offensive Noir Fiction? New Book

From: Paul Duncan ( Paul.Duncan@asml.nl)
Date: 15 Jun 2000

I have just written/had published a new book on Noir Fiction, called NOIR FICTION: DARK HIGHWAYS. I'm sure it will be offensive to some people on this list (or maybe just upset them a little, or not at all!) since I've tried to define Noir Fiction as something seperate from Hard-Boiled. And no, I'm not trying to start that discussion again...

Here are details:

NOIR FICTION: DARK HIGHWAYS by Paul Duncan, 2000, Pocket Essentials, 2.99 UK pounds.

Contents: An introduction, followed by a history which includes a spotlight on 19 Noir Fiction books/authors - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Joseph Conrad, P J Wolfson, Nathaneal West, Horace McCoy, James M Cain, Albert Camus, John Franklin Bardin, William Lindsay Gresham, Gerald Kersh, Boris Vian, Cornell Woolrich, Jim Thompson, David Karp, David Goodis, Charles Wileford, Shane Stevens, James Ellroy, Derek Raymond. At the end is a list of books, articles, anthologies and internet sites.

To order: Either contact me, or go to www.pocketessentials.com and order it direct from the publisher.

- paul

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