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From: Paul Duncan ( Paul.Duncan@asml.nl)
Date: 15 Jun 2000

Just catching up with 4 weeks of postings (I had to welcome my brand new baby boy into the world), and noticed that somebody has been mentioning the massive James Ellroy interview I did, and the interview book it appeared in. To wit:

THE THIRD DEGREE: CRIME WRITERS IN CONVERSATION edited by Paul Duncan, 1997, No Exit Press, 7.99 UK pounds.

Contents: 15 interviews including: James Ellroy (15,000 words!), Edward Bunker, James Sallis, Lawrence Block, Derek Raymond, Patricia Cornwell, Walter Mosley, Michael Dibdin, Andrew Klavan, Martina Cole, Jakob Arjouni, Elliott Leyton (HUNTING HUMANS), Paul Buck (THE HONEYMOON KILLERS). I did all the interviews except Elizabeth George and Gwendoline Butler. Many of the interviews were much longer than the extracts in CRIME TIME magazine and some, like the Bunker and Mosley interviews, have never appeared anywhere else.

To Order: either e-mail me and I can sell you my spare copies (plus postage, plus a wait until I get your cash/cheque), or you can go to www.noexitpress.com, go to the catalogue, and then to Paul Duncan. You click through to buy the book. (BTW, the publisher lists other authors who are not interviewed in the book).

- paul

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