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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 12 Jun 2000

Another variation on this that I found while going through boot camp at Fort Benning, Georgia was drinking Nyqual (sp) ... there was one guy who was already half insane who mixed rubbing alcohol with Nyqual to get his nightly buzz. Even though the company commander was an alchi who stunk of booze during the day, thankfully this young recruit didn't make it. Unfortunately, the Army didn't have any programs to help him either ... just send 'im packing. If we had sterno he would have drank that too no doubt.

William Denton wrote:

> On 12 June 2000, stephen holden wrote:
> : I'm reading Robert Polito's exellent biography of Jim Thompson at the
> : moment. He mentions that when Thompson was a hobo he was sometimes
> : reduced to drinking moonshine, white lightning, 'canned heat.' Can any
> : rara-avians tell me what exactly is 'canned heat'?
> You've seen those little cans of Sterno, which you light to make a small
> cooking flame (like under a fondue pot)? As I understand it, they'd take
> those cans, filter out the alcohol, and drink it. It'd be cheap, but it
> must have done a number on the body and brain.

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