Re: RARA-AVIS: Manhunt Magazine collections

From: BobT (
Date: 11 Jun 2000

Mario Taboada wrote:
>I am almost certain that in due course Prather will be viewed as a classic...
>The fact that the Shell Scotts are endlessly rereadable is a big hint that there's >something very good below the "trash" and the unfashionable attitudes that irk the PC >crowd.

Beyond the first rate comedy, Prather knew how to plot a story and communicate the good time he was having with it. Politically I'm 180 degrees away from Prather, but I've never been one to let politics get in the way of an enjoyable read, any more than I'd let politics get in the way of a friendship. It's a dangerous form of self-censorship, all too common these days, to restrict your world to only those people and books and movies that agree with your point of view. Next thing you know, you'll start thinking you're in the right, and from that comes the irrepresible desire to burn those books, people and movies that disagree with you.

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