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Date: 11 Jun 2000

Someone asked about collections of stories from Manhunt. I have a few:

DAMES, DANGER, DEATH; editor, Leo Margulies, Pyramid, 1960. Blurb:
"Shell Scott, Mike Shayne, Peter Chanbers and company -- Eight tough private eyes in their most sensational cases." Also has a Curt Cannon
(Ed McBain) and a Richard Marsten (also Ed McBain).

THE YOUNG PUNKS; editor Leo Margulies, Pyramid, 1957. JD stuff. Blurb:
"These are the ordinary kids you read about every day -- 'ordinary' until they shoot a storekeeper, rape a girl, torture a bum or wind up dead in a ditch." Stories by Prather, Marsten, Evan Hunter (Ed McBain), Gil Brewer, Hal Ellson and the usual suspects.

THE VIOLENT ONES; editor Brant House (a "House" name?), Ace, 1958. More JD stuff. Blurb: "They are the teen-agers whose street games are played with knives, saps and zip guns." Stories by Hunter, Brewer, Ellson, etc.

And a few single author collections, drawn all or mainly from MANHUNT:

THE JUNGLE KIDS; JD and general crime stories by Evan Hunter, Dell original, 1956. Very good stuff here by a master. More of the same can be found in the recent Ed McBain collection, THE McBAIN BRIEF, including a couple reprinted from THE JUNGLE KIDS.

THE NAME IS JORDAN; Scott Jordan shorts by Harold Q. Masur, Pyramid, 1962. Masur is a much unappreciated writer, medium boiled, somewhat in the direction of Rex Stout.

SHELL SCOTT'S SEVEN SLAUGHTERS and THREE'S A SHROUD; by Richard S. Prather. What can I say? "A magnet for broads, a target for hoods." My man.


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