RARA-AVIS: Akimitsu Takagi

From: Jim Beaver ( jumblejim@prodigy.net)
Date: 10 Jun 2000

I've just finished Akimitsu Takagi's NO PATENT ON MURDER, an interesting novel that starts out as a kind of romance-with-a-touch-of-mystery (a sort of Japanese REBECCA), then suddenly shifts gears and becomes a police procedural of sorts. There's an interesting twist in that the state prosecutor who is the active investigator in the story also plays an important though inadvertent role in the romantic setup.

I don't mean to give the impression that this IS a Japanese REBECCA, just that the plot is set up similarly. I don't guess it's particularly HB, though it has its tough aspects.

Takagi has written others, but I don't know if they are independent or series novels. I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

Jim Beaver

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