RARA-AVIS: Clark Howard

From: Jiro Kimura ( jkimura@nsknet.or.jp)
Date: 10 Jun 2000

As some of you have said, Clark Howard is one of the best mystery short story writers at present, hardboiled or no hardboiled. He has been influenced by several "hardboiled" writers, including W. R. Burnett, John Lutz, and Bill Pronzini.

I edited the world's first collection of his short stories in 1998, HORN MAN AND OTHER STORIES, before Doug Greene published his collection, CHALLENGE THE WIDOW-MAKER, in 2000. The hardcover limited edition has a special extra panphlet with an original story in it, which the regular trade softcover edition does not have. Five Star Mystery has another collection, CROWDED LIVES in 2000.

Howard himself is a "hardboiled" guy. His grandfather was a cousin of Ma Barker and his father was a partner of Machine-Gun Kelly. He grew up in a lot of foster homes. His "latest" novel is CITY BLOOD (Penzler Books, 1994), a gritty police procedural. He writes moving stories with a lot of pathos about men in trouble. These days, he usually contributes novellas to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. If you don't know Clark Howard, read one of his stories in EQMM and you will be hooked.

Jiro Kimura
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