RARA-AVIS: Clark Howard, Douglas Greene, and Crippen & Landru

From: Enrique Bird ( ebird@gmgroup.com)
Date: 08 Jun 2000

Ron, other friends,

I am a Standing Order customer of Crippen and Landru and have received the Clark Howard collection. Howard is a long time published writer in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and a receiver of many awards. He is NOT a traditional or hard-bolied detective story writer but someone who is unique. To describe or categorize him as a writer is very difficult to do; you need to read several of his stories to appreciate him. All that I have read are entertaining, almost not-crime-fiction, and different from each other. This collection, as well as other Crippen and Landru books, is very fine. I suggest to anyone with some interest in short crime fiction to give becoming a Crippen and Landru Standing Order customer a try. You get 20% discount on all their upcoming books, as well as the previously printed. Although much more costly, I prefer the hardcover because of the fine volumes they turn out as well as some nice freebies they give with them. Their trade paperback editions are, however, also very fine. High quality publishing endeavors such as Doug Greene's Crippen and Landru efforts should be backed as fully as possible by all mystery aficionados. They will, hopefully, lead to more such efforts by themselves and other people. Incidentally, you will also get the extra bonus of becoming "electronically acquainted" with a very nice person who will answer all your emails. For whatever is worth, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Douglas Greene personally or even talking with him on the phone. My residence is in San Juan, Puerto Rico and my enthusiastic endorsement of Douglas Greene and Crippen and Landru is a result of the very satisfactory relationship that has resulted from my love of his (their) productions.

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