RARA-AVIS: Who's Clark Howard?

From: Ron Clinton ( r-and-jclinton@email.msn.com)
Date: 08 Jun 2000

This newest release from Crippen-Landru sounds intriguing...

"Since his first story appeared in 1956, Clark Howard has become one of mystery's most honored writer. He has won the Edgar Award for Best Short Story from the Mystery Writers of America, and recently set a record with his fifth Ellery Queen Readers Award. Challenge the Widow-Maker and Other Stories of People in Peril is about ordinary people who have not always done well with what life has dealt them - ex-cons, hard luck boxers, aging surfers, Puerto Rican dirt farmers, lonely old men living in tenements. When crises enter their lives, they have to find the strength, the humanity, to meet the challenges."

Is anybody familiar with Clark Howard and is the collection worth picking up?

Ron Clinton

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