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From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 08 Jun 2000

James Rogers wrote:

> I don't know how you define real pulp, but 1896 is not the year that
> Argosy started, but the year it switched to pulp paper and began printing
> and reprinting adventure fiction.

Sorry, I should've remembered. (This sounds familiar.. maybe I'm in the wrong territory here.)

> I don't quite follow what you are talking about here. I am on pretty
> intimate terms with ERB fandom and we for sure consider him a pulp writer.

I wasn't talking about fandom, I was talking about average readers, but maybe pulp fiction isn't discussed by any average reader.

> That they are not pulps will
> come as a huge shock at Pulpcon this summer. You surely are aware that most
> of Robert E. Howard falls into this niche?

I wasn't saying that they are not pulp, I was saying that it just seems that Burroughs, Howard and some other writers of this vein are separated when people discuss "pulp fiction", meaning something that resembles Tarantino's film, Gorman's, Greenberg's and Pronzini's collections and things like that. I haven't seen anything resembling Howard or Burroughs in "The Mammoth Book of Pulp Fiction", "American Pulp" or "Pure Pulp".

Maybe this discussion leads us nowhere. I was only asking "why pulp fiction is suddenly defined so broadly?"


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