Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Nits Picked While You Wait....

From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 08 Jun 2000

Mario Taboada wrote:

> <<Hemingway started
> later than Hammett>>
> I don't think this is correct.

Hammett published his first (hardboiled) story in 1922, Hemingway in 1925. As a reporter he started in 1920, but I don't think his early journalist pieces qualify as hardboiled.

> <<and he must've read him>>
> Definitely.

I haven't seen any record on this, though.

> <<, so is Hemingway pulp fiction?>>
> No, he never published anything in the pulps.

But the whole question was: is pulp fiction limited only to pulp magazines or is it something else, e.g. something that functions similarly with pulp magazines' stuff. And Hemingway's does, to a certain extent. With this I mean his style and world view. (Later Hemingway published in slicks and if we still listen to Gorman et al.: they say that slick fiction was just a stylized version of pulp fiction. I ask again: is Hemingway pulp? (And I answer: no.))


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