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Date: 06 Jun 2000

----- Original Message ----- From: <>. I just finished
> Pelecanos' Shame the Devil, which moved him to the top of my list of
> writers. Whether it was this book or the accumulated history of the D.C.
> series, I'm not sure, but I really have come to care about these people, who
> are certainly as real to me as you guys are.
> So is Shame the Devil the end of the Nick and the boys? Has Pelecanos given
> any indication whether this might eventually become a quintet instead of a
> quartet?
> Teri
> Synchronicity strikes again,I took Shame... on holiday and really,really
liked it. Dimitri and Nick in one book, bliss. Maybe the end was a bit rushed and pat, but it did me fine. I had heard that Nick was going on the back burner and the Dimitri Karras/Marcus Clay story line was being taken up, but I may be wrong(I usually am ) And, John, my husband has just read Motherless Brooklyn(yes he liked it lots) and commented that the Tourette's of the main character was just like living in our house, our oldest has ADD and is prone to comments apropos of totally nothing and has his own catalogue of tics.But he loves reading, so hopefully he'll be on the Chandlers before too long.Are there any hardish boiled books for older children? Jane

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