Re: RARA-AVIS: kiss your ass goodbye

From: Juha Lindroos (
Date: 06 Jun 2000

On 5 Jun 00, at 17:29, David Bell wrote:

> I think this has come up before, but can anyone help me out? I just was
> given a copy of Willeford's KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE. I also have a copy of
> THE SHARK INFESTED CUSTARD. Are these two books related and how? Is their
> a sequence to read them in? Are they both worth reading? Any thoughts?
> Thanks in advance.

They are basically the same book, with SHARK INFESTED CUSTARD having a separate (short-story) beginning and a different ending. Beyond that they should be identical. I read KISS first and upon starting SHARK a couple of years later it took me a while to realize why it all seemed so familiar. I guess SHARK is considered to be the best version of the book, but KISS is a bit more hard-boiled. So perhaps KISS first, wait a while, and read SHARK later. Worked for me.


Charles Willeford:

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