RARA-AVIS: Re: Noir Crit

From: southpaw@altavista.net
Date: 05 Jun 2000

On 5 Jun 2000, Bill Hagen wrote:

> An interesting list of recent titles on noir. I agree completely with
> Juri on the Symons book. A good (cheap) reference on the larger mystery
> area. I've got a copy of The Crime Novel:A Deviant Genre
> <snip>
> I can't locate it right now--(damn, am I going to have to tear into that
> bookcase again?)--, but remember some very good discussions of Thompson,
> Highsmith, and perhaps Cain. Solid and very readable.

I picked up the Hilfer book at my local B&N yesterday and finished it this afternoon. It was the only one from that list which the store had.
(By the way, he refers to the Symons book in his introductory chapter.)

> Was the list meant to be comprehensive

No, it was just list I came across of lit-crit that was oriented toward crime novels, and most of them focused HB fiction.

> Also, if I were "doing" noir fiction, I would at least refer to Silver and
> Ward's Film Noir, which is probably in at least a 4th edition.

Don't tell me that -- I picked up the third edition (softcover) just last weekend from a local Borders Books.

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