From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 05 Jun 2000

I picked up a Pocket Book first of Richard Stark's THE SEVENTH here because it was a good price and discovered it was one I had missed reading. I was very disappointed in it. In my opinion this was the one book where Westlake tampered with the character of Parker in order to meet plot needs. The normally pragmatic Parker hangs around after a heist goes sour and continually makes stupid, risky decisions that have little chance of a payoff. It is an idiot plot in that (to paraphrase Damon Knight) in order to work, every character has to behave like an idiot. There is little motivation given for this. As for loyalty to rest of the gang in the robbery, he puts them all in post-theft danger in a plan to find the man with the loot that was doomed by dumb, obvious flaws and they pay the consequences.

I am a fan of the series but it has its low points...none lower than THE SEVENTH.

Richard Moore

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