RARA-AVIS: Library purchases

From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 05 Jun 2000

Mario Taboada writes:

<< By the way, and only tangentially related to the above, have other US raravians
 noticed how hardboiled literature is eschewed (there, I knew some day I wold
 use this word) by public libraries?
  What's a typical sales number for a hardboiled hardcover novel?

The Portland, Oregon, public library does a pretty good job on hb purchases, but they may be the exception (most of the branches are even open Sundays). I'd encourage readers to frequently request library purchases of titles that might otherwise be missed. I've also encouraged at least one small publisher to try to generate sales by asking buyers to ask their libraries to buy the books--a sort of grassroots marketing tool--not sure how it would work. I'd be curious to hear an answer to Mario's last question too. The other thing I'd be curious about: how low must sales drop before an author gets dropped by his or her publisher?

Doug (3)

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