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Date: 04 Jun 2000


, I agree with you that Parker has changed, but how could he have
> remained the same over such a long period of time? I think Westlake's
> done a particularly great job of keeping Parker's core intact while
> putting him through some interesting emotional (for lack of a better
> word) situations, Or how about Butcher's Moon,
> when Grofield gets in trouble and Parker is again faced with the alien
> concept of putting himself out for someone else. I don't mind it when an
> author stretches his character around some out-of-the-ordinary plot
> twists like these as long as he doesn't betray him, and I don't think
> Westlake ever has. Keeps the character interesting. And you're right
> about him not bringing work home, so to speak, but it happened before
> Backsplash. In Deadly Edge, the bad guys end up in Parker's home, with
> Claire.
Parker has always believed in a code that said to be loyal to his accomplices on a job as long as they are straight with him. He also helps the the the wounded Grofield in THE HANDLE. When Grofield thanks him for helping him and splitting the loot, "Parker didn't understand what there was to appreciate about that. 'We were working together'"

In DEADLY EDGE two men trace him and take Claire prisoner. . He puts his life in peril to ensure there should be no connection to his house. They were after the loot gained in a robbery that took place far away. have read that Westlake said he should not have written THE JUGGER because Parker never would have gone just to help an old friend. Mark

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