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Date: 04 Jun 2000

Bill D, glad you've discovered Parker. The future of the new trade paperback reprints is uncertain right now, but there are some British Allison & Busby trade pbs still available, as far as I know. The Green Eagle Score, Slayground and Deadly Edge, and possibly 1 or 2 others. The prices for them are even more expensive than the Warner ones, however, around $15.00 or so, but at least they're in print. And as I posted recently, a new book, Flashfire, will be out in November.

Mike, I agree with you that Parker has changed, but how could he have remained the same over such a long period of time? I think Westlake's done a particularly great job of keeping Parker's core intact while putting him through some interesting emotional (for lack of a better word) situations, such as in The Black Ice Score, when Claire is kidnapped. Westlake walks a very thin line between having Parker rescue her without displaying a twinge of emotional involvement. The tension he establishes makes for a terrific story. The very last sentence of that book is the one spontaneous, unguarded moment of Parker's life, and even then it's not much and decently ambiguous. Or how about Butcher's Moon, when Grofield gets in trouble and Parker is again faced with the alien concept of putting himself out for someone else. I don't mind it when an author stretches his character around some out-of-the-ordinary plot twists like these as long as he doesn't betray him, and I don't think Westlake ever has. Keeps the character interesting. And you're right about him not bringing work home, so to speak, but it happened before Backsplash. In Deadly Edge, the bad guys end up in Parker's home, with Claire.

Some news of note from the Little, Brown catalog:

The rumor is fact. Michael Connelly's next book will feature both Harry Bosch and Terry McCaleb. The title is A Darkness More Than Night, to be released in January, 2001. The blurb says that Terry is drawn into the hunt for a homicidal maniac (is there any other kind?) and finds that the suspect who seems to fit the profile he develops is none other than Det. Harry Bosch. Guess Harry isn't adjusting to married life as well as we hoped.

And--George Pelecanos' new book, Right As Rain, will be out in February 2001. "Derek Strange is an ex-cop who now runs his own detective agency. The mother of an officer killed by another cop hires him to clear up any lingering doubts about the investigation. Although the other cop, Terry Quinn, has been cleared, his guilt torments him. After Strange interviews him, Quinn joins the investigation. The two seek their answers in the darkest sectors of Washington, DC."


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