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From: Mark Blumenthal (
Date: 04 Jun 2000

Bill Denton:
> Parker's as cold as ever. I loved the first sentence: "When the car
> stopped rolling, Parker kicked out the rest of the windshield and crawled
> through onto the wrinkled hood, Glock first."
All of Stark's Parker books have very good first sentences. I couldn't find ot when I recently searched, but there used to be a web page which consisted of only the first sentences from the original series. I think Parker has changed. He used to have a rule to never work close to where he played. Yet the job in BACKFLASH is less than one hundred miles from his house. The previous Parker also would not have let his 'wife', Claire be so involved. The Parker of old was not supposed to be a well rounded personality who changes with time. He was an immutable force. Mark

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