RARA-AVIS: FW: call me dog- (woof).

From: Sinclair, Jim ( SinJim@topnz.ac.nz)
Date: 29 May 2000

Good old tribe bet me to the punch - that's the one and it jogged my memory as regards the other interviews that rara-avians may find interesting in that Crimetime (print) Anthology. I'll still post details of the book as the CT people haven't put the others up on their site.
(Ed Bunker and Derek Raymond being rather HB dudes) Jim S.

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There's no on-line version of this interview that I'm aware of but it does appear in an anthology of detective writers along with Pat Highsmith, Ed Bunker, Derek Raymond etc that I'll post as soon as I track it down among my stuff. Jim S.

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