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I'll give you the rest 'cause I haven't read them, but I've read pretty much everything that Andre Norton has written and she doesn't write like a man. I'm not saying she can't, but I haven't read anything of hers that doesn't have a feminine voice to it.

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Hard-Boiled Noir Discussion

> From: Bob Toomey
> Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2000 1:03 AM
> Among living writers, Larry McMurtry is no slouch in the female voice
> department. And James Tiptree, Jr. passed for male for years until her
> true identity as Alice Sheldon was finally uncovered. Lee Hoffman, the
> western writer, never wrote from a female viewpoint, and probably fooled
> most western fans into thinking she was male. Likewise, Leigh Brackett,
> in her hardboiled mysteries and SF, wrote convincing male viewpoint.
> Howard Hawks hired Brackett sight unseen to help Faulkner on the
> screenplay for THE BIG SLEEP because, based on her novel NO GOOD FROM A
> CORPSE, he thought she was a genuine tough guy. Craig Rice wrote "like
> a man" and so does Andre Norton. And if you want to read some tough SF,
> try ex-Marine Elizabeth Moon. And so on.

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