Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Women Rewriting

From: James Rogers (
Date: 28 May 2000

At 05:03 AM 5/28/00 +0000, BobT wrote:
>James Rogers wrote:
>> I'm not sure that I buy the notion of a "female" voice either. The
>> writer who wrote women most truthfully, IMO, was good old D.H.
>> Lawrence....

>Writing isn't gender specific, and any writer worth his or her salt can
>fool any academic into thinking they're the opposite sex on any day of
>the week.

   To tell you the truth, this is sorta what I was trying to say, but perhaps I should have picked a less controversial writer to make the point. As long as we are discussing whether a woman can write HB, I recomend we all take a time out to read some Dorothy Parker short stories. "Big Blonde", for instance.


James Michael Rogers

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