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Date: 27 May 2000

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> So you think an AA from urban Boston would write the same
> and with the same perspective as an AA from, say, Jim Hogg County
> in Texas? Or that an AA from Washington, DC, would write the same
> as one from LA?
> You think that simply by sharing the same skin color that all those
> writers, whose experiences in the US are going to be very different,
> will write from the same perspective?

No one is the "same" ... you're looking for absolutes when the color of reality is gray. There is an African-American perspective ... the body of African-American work reflects it.

> I generally disregard what's on a book jacket for the same reason
> that people disregard publisher's blurbs.

It's not limited to the book jacket, that's just an example.

> I have read that comment on rare occasions. More often I've
> read reviews about "Written on the Body" with phrases like
> "failed experiment" and "hilariously bad."

Never seen one that said that, but I agree with it.

> They're all men, but that isn't the same thing as writing from a male
> perspective. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find many similarities
> between A.C.Doyle and James Ellroy, for one.

Perspective for one and voice for the other ... minus cultural differences.

> But I doubt you and I are going to persuade each other of anything,
> or that there's much common ground between our two points of
> view, so I'm going to give up this thread. You can have the last
> word, if you'd like.

Well, we agree on one thing.

volente Deo,

Anthony Dauer Alexandria, Virginia

"The dead are heavy, after all."
 -Will Christopher Baer, "Penny Dreadful"

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