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I just see it as Archer's specialty and so that's what the majority of his cases are about ... just as Marlowe doesn't do divorce work. In the canon it provides a variety to the PIs ... not having everyone of them being Jacks of all Trades within the business just as it would be in reality. Finding missing persons is a typical PI gig and if you're good at ... which Archer is ... your going to have a reputation for it and from what I've read so far Archer is recommended by someone that the current client knows ... he's not looked up in the book or newspaper.

The Drowning Pool ... murdered matriarch The Chill ... runaway bride Moving Target ... kidnapped millionaire The Far Side of a Dollar ... runaway son kidnapped The Galton Case ... runaway son murdered The Wycherly Woman ... missing daughter Black Money ... runaway girlfriend, etc.

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> << Who's the missing son or daughter in The Drowning Pool? >>

> I agree. Macdonald gets a bad rap for only having one plot and
> rewriting the same book.

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