RE: RARA-AVIS: Re: Women Rewriting

From: James Rogers (
Date: 26 May 2000

At 11:30 PM 5/26/00 -0400, Anthony Dauer wrote:
>You'll notice that I didn't say anything about being good or bad ... just
>unique ... something that isn't as negative as some would like to believe.

   Well, it's not an illegitimate topic, or anything. But I think we ought to clarify what these unique areas are. Maybe there are some....I'm willing to be persuaded. Of course, part of the problen is that there aren't all that many female writers who we can agree are working in the HB area....witness the recent discussion as to whether Charlotte Armstrong was HB/Noir or not.
   I have tried to make the case, in times gone by, that P.D.James sometimes spills over into HBland. That went over like a lead blimp. Maybe someone else can make the case that Grafton does (I doubt it).


James Michael Rogers

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